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Why buy a mulching or side-discharge lawn tractor?

We’ve been busier than ever this year. Lawn mowers and garden machinery of all types have been flying off the shelves and we’ve put this down to everyone being in lockdown and perhaps having a bit more time for other pursuits such as gardening. If people are managing to make the most of the good weather and the enforced time at home, this can only be a good thing for the mental health of the nation. Gardening is right up there on the list of healthy pursuits and hobbies.

So, if the lockdown has given you time to do more gardening or you’re simply in the market for a brand new garden tractor of some kind then why not allow us to guide you through the difficult process of choosing the right machine to suit your needs? We’ve got decades of experience, lots of passion for the industry and not only do we sell a varied and very competitively priced array of garden machinery, we also know a thing or two about everything we sell.

As you would expect from an experienced team such as ours, we always keep our eye on the ball and therefore we’ve noticed a growing trend amongst gardeners. Using a side discharge tractor to keep your garden under control has proved to be an extremely popular choice so far this year; in fact, one of our top brands, Stiga, recently reported an increase of 25% in the sale of these hard-working and versatile machines.

So what’s all the fuss about? Why should I use a side-discharge tractor in my garden?

Firstly, we probably don’t need to say it, but garden tractors really put the fun back into mowing the lawn! Sitting on a ride-on tractor and mowing the grass can be seen as a leisurely pursuit, rather than a chore you’d rather avoid. Side discharge tractors are, by design, hard-working, versatile and easy to operate.

The grass is side-discharged (hence the name!) and therefore the grass is directed away from the user and left in neat lines. Perfect for larger areas of lawn especially if you sometimes leave the grass to grow longer, therefore they are ideal for use in back gardens, paddocks or orchards.

The majority of side discharge tractors can handle damp grass with no problem and therefore will give reliable results in any weather. Packed with high specification features they allow you to effortlessly side discharge the grass clippings, rather than collecting, which will allow you to work faster and with the minimum of breaks as you won’t need to visit the compost heap to dispose of the cuttings at all. If your selected machine has a mulching feature (plug or built-in) and conditions are right, you can instead choose to mulch the grass

Mulching allows you to return vital nutrients back to your lawn for super healthy growth. It’s very unlikely that you’ll need additional lawn care products, as the mulched grass is rich in nutrients (and not to mention totally organic!) and contains everything your grass needs to grow green and healthy. Therefore you’ll save time, effort and money.

We have selected three side-discharge/mulching tractors that offer plenty of power, lots of useful features, and are especially good value for money. It’s worth noting that the three we have selected all have a tow hitch fitted and this feature isn’t available on every lawn tractor on the market so it’s always worth doing your research, just like we have. A tow hitch turns your lawn tractor into an incredibly versatile workhorse in a matter of seconds.

You can add on a trailer for when you need to move things around your garden (forget pulling a garden cart or trolley by hand and you can definitely say goodbye to the quad bike and trailer set up), so now all you need is the garden tractor and whatever selection of add-ons that suit your requirements. You can add on a lawn sweeper or a dethatching rake to name just a couple of accessories. The market for accessories will be wide open to you, and before you know it, keeping your outdoor space looking neat and tidy will be easier than ever before.

The three machines we have selected are all from one of our favourite top brands, ‘Stiga’. This is a brand you can truly rely on and we believe that their products are very well priced. These 3 lawn tractors are extremely versatile, very sturdily built and offer a 3-year warranty as standard – this gives you the ultimate peace of mind. All of the ones we have highlighted here are very similar in their design and the features that they offer you, but each offers something truly unique.

The Stiga tornado 2098, for example, is a manual version with gears, the 2098H offers a hydrostatic transmission, hence the “H”, and then we move up to the 2108HW which is also hydrostatic but has a twin-cylinder engine and is aimed at much larger lawns.

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